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Christmas With Haksons!

The holiday season is upon us, and we are here to spread some Christmas cheer! True to the spirit of our enterprise, we will be sharing our 3 favourite Christmas themed D-I-Ys so the festive spirit can translate into lasting memories and memorabilia. Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament How you can make it: Mix the Haksons Resin with the Haksons… Read more →

Hakson’s DIY Christmas Gift Guide!

2020 has been gruelling, challenging and oftentimes isolating. As this year finally comes to end, and we begin to gather presents for our office Secret Santa, or everyone you love- here are five of Hakson’s favourite and most gift-able products. These will make them happy, these will bring a smile, but more importantly, they will make them create! They get… Read more →

Make your own Silicone Moulds with Haksons!

Hakson’s mould-making silicone is very easy to use, beginner-friendly and is to be mixed in a simple 1:1 ratio. You can use this product from your home, it’s safe to use and no external fancy equipment is required.  For ease of use, the two bottles are labelled Part A and Part B, and each bottle has 100 gms of product. … Read more →

Upcycle with Haksons Chalk paints!

Chalk paints are an extremely easy way to enter the space of DIY craft. The ability to upcycle pieces of furniture, showpieces and add character pieces to your house that express your personality and truly tell a story. The Haksons Chalk paints are super high quality, beginner-friendly and highly pigmented. They work on a multitude of surfaces like fabric, wood,… Read more →

Demystifying Resin: From Construction to Craft

Epoxy Resin sounds like a complex chemical that only trained professionals can use. The bottles have plenty of instructions, and besides, nobody had seen it in an arts and crafts store. We started playing with epoxy resin several years ago. We made simple coasters, coated some leftover wood. It was incredibly easy to use, and it created the most elegant… Read more →

How to: Create Ocean Resin Art with Haksons

The new Haksons High Gloss Resin is ideal for creating multiple pieces of art, including coasters, clocks and trays. It can be used for a single coat, a topcoat in a variety of pours, and be used to create a casting that is up to 6 mm thick. Kumar, from Kumar Resin Works, takes us through the process of creating… Read more →

How To Make A Resin River Table

Looking into modern furniture trends the Epoxy Resin River Tables are quite unique, attractive and give a special touch to you interior set-up. Many DIY’ers, Hobbyists and Resin Enthusiasts want to make their own Table, but have certain doubts regarding the process. Materials Used : Haksons Ultra clear Grade 1 Resin and Hardener Haksons Pigments for Epoxy Resin. Plywood sections… Read more →

How to Resin Gold Leaf on Abstract Art

How to Resin Gold Leaf on Abstract Art Materials Used Haksons Resin & Hardener -Ultra Clear High Gloss Epoxy Resin Coat – Grade I  Acrylic Paint Imitation Gold Leaf Primed MDF  Glue Stick Paint Brushes  Wooden Sticks Blow Powder-Free Disposable Glove Face Mask Paper Cups Plastic Measuring Spoons Process    Step 1 – Begin by dropping Acrylic Paint, colours of your choice in an abstract… Read more →

DIY Resin On A Glass Frame

Materials Used Haksons Resin & Hardener -Ultra Clear High Gloss Epoxy Resin Coat – Grade I – 120ml Haksons Glass Colours – Orange, Red, Yellow Frame 12 x 12 inches Silicone Sealant Silicone Caulking Gun-Metal Handle Rubbing Alcohol Heat Gun Powder Free Disposable Glove Face Mask Plastic Container Paper Cups Plastic Measuring Spoons Wooden Sticks Process Resin on wood techniques are what we always see… Read more →