How to: make a Resin Pendant with Haksons!

Final Resin Pendant

Epoxy Resin is a great material to use to make simple jewellery pieces, especially this resin pendant. Once cured, the resin is a long-lasting material and is therefore ideal to create pieces of jewellery that will last. Through #HaksonsPick, we have got the opportunity to see so many interesting accessories created with our resin.

If you would like to try your hand our at creating a beginner-friendly piece, that you can wear- this tutorial is for you. We use resin, to make a simple pendant, that we guarantee will be one of a kind.

This DIY resin pendant requires very basic resin art materials. Also, if this is your first time using resin- be sure to read our safety with resin blog here.

Prep the Resin Pendant Structure

Bezel Pendant

These bezel pendant structures will be our base for the product. To prep the base, stick a clear piece of packing tape at the back of the pendant to contain the resin. Make sure it is stuck properly, and there is no room for leakage.

Packing tape on Bezel Pendant

Prep your Resin

Use the Haksons High Gloss Resin, to create the resin hardener mixture, as per the instructions on the box. If you are confused about the calculations, check out our Resin Calculator App.

Add Colour

Divide the resin into three paper cups, and mix in Haksons pigments in the colours- opaque white, turquoise blue and regular blue. We love how these colour make the resin pendant look, however, feel free to substitute based on your favourites.

Make sure to mix thoroughly till you have a homogenous mixture.

Pour in the Resin

Resin in Bezel Pendant

Pour in the resin into the structure in an abstract and random manner. Use an ice-cream stick to mix in the colours in the base structure. Make sure not to overmix, so each colour still manages to stand out.

Final Touches to your Resin Pendant

Removing packing tape

After letting your peice cure for 24 hours, peel of the packing tape. String through a chain, and voila! Your handmade accessory is ready!

We also have a video tutorial here. You can buy the Haksons High Gloss resin here.

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