How to Resin Gold Leaf on Abstract Art

How to Resin Gold Leaf on Abstract Art

Materials Used



Step 1 – Begin by dropping Acrylic Paint, colours of your choice in an abstract manner onto the Primed MDF board, then take a clean paintbrush & in a swiping motion level out the paint.

Drop the colours




Brush the colours in a swiping motion

Step 2 – When the paint is completely dry, go over the section you want to Leaf with a Glue Stick. Once you’ve put a generous coat of Glue, tear out a piece of the Gold leaf and press it down lightly over the section.




While dealing with Gold Leaf, be very patient and make sure there is no wind in the room as the slightest breeze can tear the leaf.


Step 3 – After 3 -5 minutes use a clean brush and sweep off the excess leaf from the edges.



Step 4 – Mix your Haksons Resin and pour it all over your project, once it’s levelled cover it and let it set for 24 hours.





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