Jesmonite in India: Everything you need to Know

We cannot believe the day is here when we can finally announce that we are bringing Jesmonite to India. We have always enjoyed playing with and testing out new materials, figuring out their properties and also a way for them to enter the mainstream of arts, crafts and DIY.

Jesmonite is a revolutionary product, that we whole heartedly believe will take your works of art to the next level. This gypsum based product, is also called eco resin, works with epoxy and other materials to add a whole new dimension, a whole new texture and create magic in your craft.

Like many other Haksons products, Jesmonite has also travelled from the construction space. It is now used for various arts and crafts, including the famous and viral terrazzo trays.

Jesmonite, a compound developed in the United Kingdom, was first used to create decorative facades on buildings. This water based composite, is environmentally friendly, super safe to use and cures fast. Apart from the AC100, there are multiple categories of Jesmonite. We will definitely write a little bit more about them as we go ahead and explore further.

We promise you, we will always pioneer and do our best to bring the most innovative and modern materials to India. We want to put Indian art and creation on the global map, and one of the ways we do that is by making materials like Jesmonite accessible in India.

Having said this, please note, that there is a current worldwide shortage of Jesmonite. While we are trying our best to service as many orders as fast as we possibly can, we want to reiterate that supply is fairly limited. Your best bet to purchase Jesmonite, is to pre order on the BohriAli website at the earliest.

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