DIY Tutorial to make your own Metallic Counter Top using Haksons Resin

Metallic countertops using Haksons pigments and Haksons resin is sought after by many architects! With the right priming and durability, you can create an extremely durable one of a kind countertop for your kitchens/tables/multipurpose surfaces. Here’s a simple guide to make a metallic countertop in colours of your choice using Haksons Epoxy Resin and Hardener!


Metallic Countertop with Haksons Epoxy Resin


Materials Used:



Resin provides the perfect surface for countertops with its glossy finish and durability. Here’s how you can create your very own metallic countertop.


Step 1 – Prep, your wooden surface by sanding it, particularly the sides and edges to a smooth finish. To prevent the wood from soaking in a lot of resin, paint the top with two layers of Artist Gesso or Haksons water based primer.

Sand the wood


Coat the surface with Artist Gesso

Step 2 –  Mix the resin in a 3:1 ratio, next mix around 120 ml with Haksons White Pigment, 40 ml with Dark Grey Pigment Powder and the other 40ml with the Silver Pigment Powder.

haksons pearl pigments
Opaque Pigment and Pearl Powder



Step 3 –  Cover the entire surface with a layer of the White Resin and then pour the Silver and Dark Grey mixture in a random motion alternatively. To create a unique effect use an old paintbrush and go over the entire piece moving over some areas twice and the others only once.


haksons resin pour
Pour the resin



Step 4 – Release any bubbles with a heat gun, cover your piece and set it aside for 24 hours.


Finally! You have your masterpiece.


Metallic Counter top using haksons resin and hardener

metallic counter top using Haksons Resin and Hardener


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