Resin Serving Platter

Want to create something totally unique for when you have guests over? These platters are perfect for entertaining!


Materials Used



Step 1: Turn the platter over and cover all edges with the masking tape, to prevent any drips that may form on the bottom if the resin is overpoured.

Wooden Platter
Wooden Platter
Cover with masking tape
Cover with masking tape

Step 2:  Rest the platter on a sturdy leveller, bringing your piece closer to you.  Mix your resin with the concentrated pigments and pearl pigment powder.

Opaque Pigment and Pearl Powder
Opaque Pigment and Pearl Powder


Step 3: Using the wooden stick begin pouring each colour little by little alternatively. Once your base is set, add the rich gold powder as an accent on top.

Create the pattern
Cover whole rim
Cover the rim

Step 4: 24 hours later pull the masking tape & your platter is ready to use.




@krishnatolia – She is a self-taught artist from Mumbai who draws most of her inspiration from nature and loves the conflicting simplicity and complexity of abstract art.


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