Sticky Resin: Why your resin art isn’t curing.

The short answer to why your resin is still sticky is that you have not mixed the resin and hardener in the correct proportion. That’s all. Epoxy resin is a chemical, that undergoes a chemical reaction when mixed with the hardener, which is why you CANNOT eyeball proportions and have to calculate them.  The Haksons High Gloss Resin needs to… Read more →

The Haksons Pigments: Which works best for what!

Colours are a defining part of our country, colours are defining part of our brand. We love our pigments, it truly adds so much to your craft. Depending on the type of result you want to achieve, there is a Haksons Pigment for you.  In this article we have tried to explain the different types of pigments, their properties and… Read more →

The Journey of our DIY Coffee Table Kit: Smriti Krishnan

Our customer and fellow artist from the BohriAli community, Smriti Krishnan, wrote about her experience with making a river table with the Bohri Ali Coffee Table kit. We absolutely love what she created and love how she embodied the spirit of #DOMORE we can’t get enough of! I’m Smriti Krishnan, a lawyer and an artist. I started my resin journey… Read more →

Haksons Pearl Pigments

Haksons Pearl Pigments: Everything you need to know!

At BohriAli, we love colour, which means that we love our pigments. In fact, Haksons were called “the Paint People”. When we created our Haksons Pearl Pigments, we wanted to make sure we created the highest quality product possible, that adds to works of craft to create a finish like no other. Made from Mica powders, and very finely mined… Read more →

How to: make a Resin Pendant with Haksons!

Epoxy Resin is a great material to use to make simple jewellery pieces, especially this resin pendant. Once cured, the resin is a long-lasting material and is therefore ideal to create pieces of jewellery that will last. Through #HaksonsPick, we have got the opportunity to see so many interesting accessories created with our resin. If you would like to try… Read more →

Safety with Epoxy Resin: All You Need to Know!

Epoxy Resin is undoubtedly our favourite product. We love how diverse, functional and aesthetic it is. We at BohriAli believe that epoxy resin can be used by all (adult) art enthusiasts. However, there are certain basic guidelines for safety with epoxy resin, that we hope you will follow. In this article, we have outlined safety protocols that you must follow… Read more →

Christmas With Haksons!

The holiday season is upon us, and we are here to spread some Christmas cheer! True to the spirit of our enterprise, we will be sharing our 3 favourite Christmas themed D-I-Ys so the festive spirit can translate into lasting memories and memorabilia. Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament How you can make it: Mix the Haksons Resin with the Haksons… Read more →

River Table Workshops: How they work!

Our river table workshops have been a defining feature of Bohri Ali, and hold an extremely special place in our heart. Every single workshop is a life-changing experience for not only the participants but also for us. It is such an incredible experience watching the flow of emotions, artistic ability and community create something so unique. We push our participants… Read more →

Hakson’s DIY Christmas Gift Guide!

2020 has been gruelling, challenging and oftentimes isolating. As this year finally comes to end, and we begin to gather presents for our office Secret Santa, or everyone you love- here are five of Hakson’s favourite and most gift-able products. These will make them happy, these will bring a smile, but more importantly, they will make them create! They get… Read more →

Make your own Silicone Moulds with Haksons!

Hakson’s mould-making silicone is very easy to use, beginner-friendly and is to be mixed in a simple 1:1 ratio. You can use this product from your home, it’s safe to use and no external fancy equipment is required.  For ease of use, the two bottles are labelled Part A and Part B, and each bottle has 100 gms of product. … Read more →