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Resin mistakes: 5 common ones we see far too often!

Over the past few years, we have had hundreds of phone calls from distraught customers, who have messed up their resin art. Often it’s because of some fairly common resin mistakes that sometimes come out of some myths.  Resin is super easy to play with, but these mistakes can cause your art project to go to bust.  Resin Mistake #1:… Read more →

The Haksons Pigments: Which works best for what!

Colours are a defining part of our country, colours are defining part of our brand. We love our pigments, it truly adds so much to your craft. Depending on the type of result you want to achieve, there is a Haksons Pigment for you.  In this article we have tried to explain the different types of pigments, their properties and… Read more →

Make your own Silicone Moulds with Haksons!

Hakson’s mould-making silicone is very easy to use, beginner-friendly and is to be mixed in a simple 1:1 ratio. You can use this product from your home, it’s safe to use and no external fancy equipment is required.  For ease of use, the two bottles are labelled Part A and Part B, and each bottle has 100 gms of product. … Read more →

Demystifying Resin: From Construction to Craft

Epoxy Resin sounds like a complex chemical that only trained professionals can use. The bottles have plenty of instructions, and besides, nobody had seen it in an arts and crafts store. We started playing with epoxy resin several years ago. We made simple coasters, coated some leftover wood. It was incredibly easy to use, and it created the most elegant… Read more →

How to: Create Ocean Resin Art with Haksons

The new Haksons High Gloss Resin is ideal for creating multiple pieces of art, including coasters, clocks and trays. It can be used for a single coat, a topcoat in a variety of pours, and be used to create a casting that is up to 6 mm thick. Kumar, from Kumar Resin Works, takes us through the process of creating… Read more →

How to create beautiful Resin Coasters using Fluid Painting techniques!

We take you through creating your very own original resin coasters using fluid painting techniques! You can change the colours used to create your very own original combinations, change patterns to something you wish to make and create some beautiful original hand made resin coasters! resin coasters are a beautiful home decor item across the house. Using BohriAli products, you… Read more →