DIY Resin On A Glass Frame

Materials Used


Resin on wood techniques are what we always see but can you pour resin on glass? Yes, you can!


Step 1 – When working with a glass frame, generally the sides are packed with strips of paper. These strips are placed at the back between the frame and the glass. Begin by removing them since pouring resin onto it will cause it to leak from the front.

Pack sides with strips of paper




Step 2 – Attach the Silicone Sealant to the Caulking Gun and fill the gap between the frame and glass. Using a tissue paper remove the excess. Wait for the Silicone to completely cure before continuing.

Seal the frame with silocone sealant
Remove the excess silicone.

Step 3 – Mix the resin in a 3:1 ratio, once cured pour a clear layer of Resin. Add drops of the Haksons Glass Colours in Red, Orange and Yellow at random. To create a fluid effect follow the glass colours with drops of rubbing alcohol.

A clear layer of resin.

Step 4 – To get rid of any bubbles and to make the colours flow even more seamlessly use a Heat Gun. Since we are working with a glass base, just make sure you move the heat in short intervals with quick strokes allowing the resin to cool down in between. Once you’re happy with your design cover and set it aside for 24 hours.


Your glass frame is ready!!!

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