BohriAli in the Press

The Times of India featured on Page 2 of it’s 4th September edition as an upcoming e-commerce enterprise which aims to give BohriAli the street a massive facelift!

Bohriali in the press
BohriAli in the Times of India, 4th September


The Indian Express featured on the 3rd of August with a brilliant story of what is all about along with a glimpse of the busy Bohri Ali marketplace!

A story featuring in the 3rd August Indian Express!
A story featuring in the 3rd August Indian Express! was also featured in the 9th August Sunday Edition of the Sakal Times newspaper. Shown here in the picture is Yusuf Hakim – one of three co-founders of


BohriAli featured in the Sakal Times Newspaper on the 9th of August!

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