The Haksons Pigments: Which works best for what!

Colours are a defining part of our country, colours are defining part of our brand. We love our pigments, it truly adds so much to your craft. Depending on the type of result you want to achieve, there is a Haksons Pigment for you. 

In this article we have tried to explain the different types of pigments, their properties and the kinds of results you can achieve with them. 

Haksons Concentrated Pigments: 

The Haksons Concentrated Pigments are used to get the translucent or see-through effect in the resin. The premium version of our concentrated pigments is “colour drops”, which are less likely to leave the stringy effect pigments sometimes leave in resin. You can buy some here!

Haksons Opaque Pigments: 

Used specifically to get a super opaque finish in the resin, the Haksons Opaque Pigments are used to completely mask translucency. If used in the tiniest quantities however, these can be used to create a translucent mixture. However, opaque pigments are usually used to get a solid colour. 

You can buy a pack of 12 here!

Haksons Pearl Pigments

Our Mica powders are premium quality, finely milled ethically sourced pigments that can be used in a variety of mediums. As the name suggests, these give a satiny, pearly finish to your resin.  We have two kinds of pearl powders, the dense once that sink into your resin and the superfine which float, evenly through the resin. This is why some appear half filled. You can buy some here!

Haksons Pearl Pigments

Shimmers/ Glitters (Coarse):

Glitters at that extra sparkle to your resin, without changing the colour. These course particles stand out on their own, allowing you to create a different look altogether. We love the combination of clear resin and glitter, it looks so glittery but also so simple! 

Haksons Flourescent Pigments: 

As the name suggests, FLORO pigments are fluorescent and neon. The neon ones shine and glow under blue light. Not for the faint-hearted- these add a pop to your resin projects like no other. You can buy some here!

Glow in the Dark Pigments 

Check it our here!

We told you, we love our pigments. We keep developing, processing and improving on these formulations. Over the past few years, we have managed to create a fairly high quality, safe and premium pigments. 

We hope they add colour to your art, home and days! 

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