Tile Effect on Wood with Resin

You can use this technique to create beautiful tabletops, countertops, backsplashes as well as cabinet doors!


Materials Used



Step 1: Paint your plywood with a coat of the Prussian Blue Acrylic Paint

18 x 18 Inch Plywood
18 x 18 Inch Plywood
Apply the desired base color
Apply the desired base colour

Step 2: Make sure the paint is completely dry, with the help of the masking tape secure your stencil on the wood.

Mask the stencil on the ply
Mask the stencil on the ply

Step 3: Using a dense foam paint roller go over your stencil with the Titanium White Acrylic Paint. In between dipping your roller into fresh paint make sure you remove the excess each time on a plastic sheet in order to prevent the paint from bleeding through the stencil.

Titanium white color for designing
Titanium white colour for designing
Roll it over the stencil design
Roll it over the stencil design

Step 4:  Continue repeating this until your entire surface is covered with the repetitive pattern.

Continue the pattern
Continue the pattern

Step 5: When your paint is completely dry, it’s time to make the tile effect come to life, you will need around 450 ml of resin. After it’s cured pour it onto the wood, with the help of a wooden stick guide the resin to cover the surface. 24 hours later it’s ready to use!

Pouring Haksons Ultra Clear Resin and Hardener




@krishnatolia – She is a self-taught artist from Mumbai who draws most of her inspiration from nature and loves the conflicting simplicity and complexity of abstract art.


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